London Bridge Is Falling Down (dr_eight) wrote in rslcommittee,
London Bridge Is Falling Down

A Drabble About RSL & Newspapers

This small drabble is about how RSL always walks around with a newspaper, and how he doesn't put them down even when he is on set.

This might have happened between RSL and DS

'Hey, Bob! It's your queue.'

'I'm coming..'

'Hey,Bob! Can you put the newspaper down please?'

'why? don't you think it would be a nice prop?'

'Okay then. You can keep the newspaper.'

'Hey,Bob! Can you stop reading that newspaper?'

'why? don't you think it would be a character building thing?'

'By reading newspaper?'

'Yes. .to show that he is just a regular guy, he reads newspaper, just like everybody else. he is not a "super doc" or a "nice guy". He has doubts and he........blablablah( 10000words)'

'Okay, Okay. Read the newspaper, if you must.'



'Stop doing crosswords.'

'What's a eight letter word for someone who interferes in other people's business?...Oh! That's right. Busybody! B..S..U......"


- Fin-
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